Northern Tuxedo Residents Association

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NTRA Meeting This Week – October 22


The next meeting of the NTRA will be October 22 at 7:30pm at the American Legion Hall on Orange Turnpike in Southfields, NY. Elections for the executive committee, as mandated by the NTRA constitution, are scheduled.

Also, the Communication and Social Committees will hold a meeting at 6:30pm prior to the general meeting. This is an important meeting as the committee will dialogue on specific plans including creation of a calendar beginning in January 2016, update of our Welcome Wagon Project, and discussion of our next social event. Please email Ruth Turner if you will be attending the 6:30pm meeting.


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NTRA Committee Meetings

Hello everyone.

As you might be aware, we are having our first 2015 NTRA membership meeting tomorrow Thursday 19-March at 7:30pm.

It would be great if we could get the different committees together for a quick meeting at 7:00pm. The committees and members that signed up are listed below for your reference.

The main goal would be to establish a mutually agreeable meeting schedule and location, and of course very selfishly getting some extra hands for set up of the meeting.

Communication Committee: Ginny Apostolides; Claudia Bakhtiary (Acting Chair Person); Patricia Barone; Paul Bumbar; Mark Furmanek; Joann Tuttle

Social Committee: Claudia Bakhtiary (Acting Chair Person); Jenny Hughes; Ruth Turner

Town (Liaison) Committee: Kristy Apostolides; Claudia Bakhtiary; Donna Clark (Weinand); Ken English; Mary Hanson; Challace Pahlevan-Ibrekic (Acting Chair Person)

Community Education Committee: Kristy Apostolides (Acting Chair Person); Joanne Birnberg; Greg Duffy; Joel Solon; Mary Yrizarry

Kind regards,

Claudia Bakhtiary