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Mike Rost’s Update on Bramertown Road

Esteemed NTRA Members and neighbors.

Below is a follow up message from our Town Supervisor, Mike Rost, related to steps taken since our members meeting to address conditions reported on Bramertown Road.

Mike is continuing to work with David Maikisch, Tuxedo’s Building Inspector,to remedy the complaints articulated.

I will continue to forward any information that is shared.


Ken English

Ken, Happy Friday.

Dave did reach out for Peter and Erwin. I also spoke with Erwin.

Barn: Peter was very gracious and willing to address the situation. Dave spoke with the tenant who felt badly for the neighbors and committed to getting it tightened up. You should see activity up there within a week.

Erwin: Erwin explained that the cars were collectors items. I let him know that I agree with him. They are collectors of rodents and standing rain water. He committed to getting it cleaned up within 2 wks. hHe needs to take some parts off some of the vehicles and he can move them off the property. He apologizes to his neighbors. 

You can shoot a blast out to your group letting them know we reacted to their concerns.

Enjoy your holiday weekend.



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Thanks to all who attend NTRA Membership Meeting, Update from Mike Rost

Esteemed NTRA Members.

I’d like to thank those of you who made it out to the meeting last night. I know that some of our members I spoke with wanted to come but life gets in the way.

I heard from many that they enjoyed the conversational format and learned a lot about what’s going on in town.

I personally want to thank our Supervisor, Mike Rost, for taking the time to meet with us and for trying to respond to all of our questions and concerns. I thought he explained in detail the town budget, both inherited and current conditions. He also gave valuable information on Tuxedo Farms and the status of the Mulch Facility on Long Meadow Road. Below is a message I received from him today. As you can see, he’s responding to the concerns raised, especially those close to our members and neighbors on Benjamin Meadow Road. I’ll continue to communicate with Mike to get updates on these and other issues.

As I said last night, our organization is only as strong as our membership. If you have not re-joined, I hope you will do so ASAP. Please encourage your neighbors to join us. Having an active and consistent membership helps us be proactive around issues of special concern to Northern Tuxedo and strengthens our voice to get results.

We also exist to bring neighbors together for social events. We’re planning a summer social for Saturday, June 24th, in the afternoon, for members in good standing. If you’ve paid your 2017 dues you will be receiving an invitation soon. Hold the date!

For those of you who may have been disappointed with last night’s forum, my apologies.
As an organization, we do hope to represent the important issues that affect our area.
I tried to give equal voice to all who attended. If members have special concerns, when brought to the attention of the Executive Committee and membership, we consider the issues and together decide on how best to respond.

Special thanks to Claudia and Nader for always coming early and setting up, to Donna for registering members, for Bahar for managing our accounts, and to my wife Lynn for her support.

A special message to Kristy Apostolides, our President, who’s taking care of family. We’re thinking of you.

I look forward to seeing you June 24th the social!

Best regards.

Ken English

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The Library needs volunteers to help at the food and game stations at the annual Memorial Day event

Esteemed Neighbors:

The Library needs volunteers to help at the food and game stations at the annual Memorial Day event following the parade. Interested volunteers should call the Library at 351-2207 x 18 (ask for Florence). The event is from about 11-3 on Monday May 29 but any chunk of time is welcomed!

This is a great event that really helps to support our local library. If you can’t volunteer please consider attending. There’s lots of fun activities for the kids and grown ups too!

Northern Tuxedo Residents’ Association
PO Box 484
Tuxedo NY 10987

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NTRA Membership Meeting, Wednesday, May 24th, 7:00 American Legion Hall

Esteemed NTRA Members and neighbors,

Happy Spring! Tis the season to get back out and regroup with your neighbors. The Executive Committee is planning the next membership meeting, to be held at the American Legion Hall, 16 Orange Turnpike, Southfields, Wednesday evening May 24th, 7:00pm. We invited our Town Supervisor, Mike Rost, to come and dialogue with us.

Additionally, we’re planning a summer social for our “members in good standing”. That means all of us who have paid our 2017 dues. We’ll be collecting the dues at this upcoming membership meeting, or you can mail it in your renewal form.

We encourage you to invite your neighbors to join our organization. We look forward to seeing you!


The Executive Committee
Kristy Apostolides, Ken English, Claudia Bakhtiary, Bahar Eratac

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Call Cuomo and tell him to Stop the Pilgrim Pipelines


TELL GOVERNOR CUOMO: Stop the Pilgrim Pipelines

A proposed set of oil pipelines would threaten New York’s water and communities, but Governor Cuomo can stop them.

The Pilgrim pipelines would carry billions of gallons of explosive fracked oil from Albany to New Jersey, and return flammable products north. The proposed path runs directly through the Town of Tuxedo, running near Laurel Ridge and transecting the Millennium Pipeline, . If constructed, the Pilgrim pipelines would:

  • Threaten the drinking water for millions of people in New York and New Jersey
  • Risk the safety of dozens of communities along the pipelines’ route
  • Promote fracking and climate change chaos

Fortunately, Governor Cuomo can stop the Pilgrim Pipelines by denying the project’s Thruway Right-of-Way permit.

Join the Statewide Call-In Week Against the Pilgrim Pipelines from January 23 – 27. Call Governor Cuomo to urge him to STOP THE PILGRIM PIPELINES: 866-846-4075

Please forward and share this alert widely!

Learn more and get involved at

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Comprehensive Plan Public Hearing – January 23 – Monday – 7:00pm at the Tuxedo Town Hall

The Tuxedo Town Board is holding a public meeting on the Comprehensive Plan Update (available here: Monday, January 23, 2017, beginning at 7:00pm at the Tuxedo Town Hall, 1 Temple Dr, Tuxedo Park, NY. The Comprehensive Plan is basically a guideline for the town’s future, including identifying opportunities for development, conservation, education, transportation, marketing, and other initiatives.

“… if a plan is prepared, it should be adopted by the Town Board as an official statement of the community’s land use policies. Once adopted, any subsequent land use regulations must be in accordance with the Town’s adopted comprehensive plan”.(pg.1)

It’s an important document that we encourage everyone to take a look at and then attend the Monday, January 23rd meeting at Town Hall to demonstrate your interest and share comments.

Below is a list of issues excerpted from the document that seem of particular interest to NTRA members. The NTRA Executive Board continues to strive to be a liaison between the town board and our members. We hope that you can join us at this meeting to respectfully voice ideas that aim at building a better Tuxedo.

Ken English, Kristy Apostolides, Claudia Bakhtiary, Bahar Eratac

  1. A small-scale nonresidential business enclave is programmed for Tuxedo Reserve’s Northern Tract, although plans for its development have not been submitted or proposed at this time. (pg.2,5) The nonresidential uses are to be located near the intersection of Long Meadow Road and Warwick Brook Road. (pg.48)
  2. The Town continues to support construction of a new Interchange 15B (pg.8), a proposed “1/2” Interchange that would consist of a southbound “on” ramp, and a northbound “off” ramp, connecting the NYS Thruway with NYS Routes 17 and 17A. (pg.13)
  3. The Town must proactively consider appropriate land uses for the Arden Farms area of the Town. Arden represents the single largest privately-owned and mostly undeveloped area of Tuxedo. (pg.2) The Arden area is a historic neighborhood in the community consisting of several large properties. The existing PID regulations could be applied to these large properties which would be inconsistent with the vision expressed in this Plan Update. The Town proposes to eliminate the PID special use permit from the Town’s zoning law and allow conservation-oriented residential development in Arden. Where appropriate,conservation-oriented development should be promoted on larger parcels outside Arden, where these parcels are environmentally constrained and/or abut Sterling Forest State Park.(pg.8)• Consider potential tourism, resort-, agricultural- and equestrian-oriented uses for the Arden (Farms) properties and other remaining parcels that are in close proximity to Sterling Forest State Park. This area would better serve the town as a location for tourism related uses. (pg.11)
  4. Seek appropriate mixed use commercial development of the Faire Partners properties on Route 17A, situated strategically in the middle of Sterling Forest State Park.(pg.11)
  5. The Southfields hamlet contains underutilized or inappropriately utilized properties that may in turn be diminishing property values of adjoining properties. The Town desires to revitalize the hamlet with viable commercial uses while allowing the existing small residential neighborhoods to remain without increasing residential growth in the hamlet, given the lack of infrastructure to serve it. (pg.7)
  6. Protect the water quality of the Indian Kill Reservoir and Ramapo River, major sources of potable water. Over 2 million people derive all or part of their water supply from the Ramapo River Basin. (pg. 26)
  7. The construction of Tuxedo Farms would introduce up to 1,195 dwelling units to the Town’s housing stock of 1,457 dwelling units, an 82 percent increase. The development was approved with a mix of 998 non-age restricted dwellings, and 197 dwellings restricted in occupancy to active adults 55 years of age and older. Based on more recent special use permit amendments, 180 dwelling units to be located in North Ridge would be renter-occupied. The development program includes 764 single family detached and semi-detached dwellings and 431 multifamily dwellings townhouses, flats and duplexes. Construction phasing will proceed in accordance with the 2010 special use permit, as amended, and is now underway. (pg. 43)
  8. Continue to explore consolidation of the Town’s multiple school districts into one Townwide school district. (pg.12)