Northern Tuxedo Residents Association

NTRA meeting this Thursday, October 26th, 7:00pm, at Tuxedo Town Hall

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Esteemed Northern Tuxedo Neighbors,

The NTRA Executive Committee will chair the next membership meeting, to be held at the Tuxedo Town Hall, 1 Temple Drive, Tuxedo, Thursday evening, October 26th, beginning at 7:00pm.

NTRA is an organization intended to build community, advocate for Northern Tuxedo Issues, build relationships with town officials, and organize social events to help neighbors get to know each other,

We’ve invited our new Chief of Police, Arthur Abbott, to come and dialogue with us. We also invited David Maikisch, our Building Inspector, who will talk with us about concerns on Bramertown Road raised by members at our previous meeting with Mike Rost. If you have any points you’d like our guests to respond to, please send us your questions so that our speakers will be prepared to answer them. We want them to feel welcome and connected to our organization.

Additionally, Town Board member Michele Lindsay will provide an update on important issues.

We need to be committed to Northern Tuxedo community concerns. It’s important that we demonstrate unity as a group, a willingness to work with town officials, and a welcoming demeanor.

It’s also time for our annual Executive Committee elections to be held. The current members, Ken English, Claudia Baktiary, and Bahar Ertac are willing to continue to serve if acceptable to the membership. The Vice President’s position is vacant and we are hoping to encourage a member to join us.

Only members in “good standing” are allowed to vote and run for office. Membership dues, twenty-five dollars per family, run on a calendar year so renewal will happen after January. If you have neighbors who want to join, please encourage them to attend.

If you have any concerns or suggestions that you’d like the Executive Committee to consider, please send us an e-mail so that we can address your ideas.

We have a really interesting agenda. It’s important that NTRA have consistent membership and be an active organization for community engagement. It needs a steady membership in order to be effective. So if you want NTRA to make a difference, please come on on Thursday.

This is our first meeting at Town Hall. It’s important that that NTRA be seen as an example of community engagement. We’re looking to develop long-standing relationships and set a positive tone, build trust. These meetings are NOT Town Board meetings. We’re trying to encourage dialogue over time. Our meetings should model what we hope meetings between neighbors should feel like.

We look forward to seeing you!


The Executive Committee
Ken English, Claudia Bakhtiary, Bahar Eratac

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