Northern Tuxedo Residents Association

Mike Rost’s Update on Bramertown Road

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Esteemed NTRA Members and neighbors.

Below is a follow up message from our Town Supervisor, Mike Rost, related to steps taken since our members meeting to address conditions reported on Bramertown Road.

Mike is continuing to work with David Maikisch, Tuxedo’s Building Inspector,to remedy the complaints articulated.

I will continue to forward any information that is shared.


Ken English

Ken, Happy Friday.

Dave did reach out for Peter and Erwin. I also spoke with Erwin.

Barn: Peter was very gracious and willing to address the situation. Dave spoke with the tenant who felt badly for the neighbors and committed to getting it tightened up. You should see activity up there within a week.

Erwin: Erwin explained that the cars were collectors items. I let him know that I agree with him. They are collectors of rodents and standing rain water. He committed to getting it cleaned up within 2 wks. hHe needs to take some parts off some of the vehicles and he can move them off the property. He apologizes to his neighbors. 

You can shoot a blast out to your group letting them know we reacted to their concerns.

Enjoy your holiday weekend.


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