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Call Cuomo and tell him to Stop the Pilgrim Pipelines

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TELL GOVERNOR CUOMO: Stop the Pilgrim Pipelines

A proposed set of oil pipelines would threaten New York’s water and communities, but Governor Cuomo can stop them.

The Pilgrim pipelines would carry billions of gallons of explosive fracked oil from Albany to New Jersey, and return flammable products north. The proposed path runs directly through the Town of Tuxedo, running near Laurel Ridge and transecting the Millennium Pipeline, . If constructed, the Pilgrim pipelines would:

  • Threaten the drinking water for millions of people in New York and New Jersey
  • Risk the safety of dozens of communities along the pipelines’ route
  • Promote fracking and climate change chaos

Fortunately, Governor Cuomo can stop the Pilgrim Pipelines by denying the project’s Thruway Right-of-Way permit.

Join the Statewide Call-In Week Against the Pilgrim Pipelines from January 23 – 27. Call Governor Cuomo to urge him to STOP THE PILGRIM PIPELINES: 866-846-4075

Please forward and share this alert widely!

Learn more and get involved at

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