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Missing Huskies


Two huskies are missing from their home at 71 Fawn Hill Road. They have been seen around Laurel Ridge, so if you see them, please contact Marianna and Chris Dougherty at 914-907-6040.


Update (6:40pm): Nala and Neo have been found. Thank you to all of you who helped us today and offered us well wishes. We are in awe of your support and concern. We are grateful to live in such caring neighborhood.

Marianna and Christopher Dougherty

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Town Happenings of Interest to Northern Tuxedo – Next Town Board Meeting Tuesday, May 26, 7:00pm

Hi all.

Just wanted to let you know the Town Board and Planning Board will be discussing items coming up that are of particular interest to those in our area. As always, please forward as you see appropriate.

1. Parking Prohibition
There is a resolution being proposed by the Town Board to request prohibition of parking on the south ramp from Rt 17A to Southbound Rt 17 (the dirt parking lot at the bottom of the ramp). This is Palisades Interstate Park Commission (PIPC) land, so they will need approval from PIPC in order to place this restriction. Since it might affect many residents in the area who park there, I thought it pertinent to let everyone know.

This meeting is taking place tomorrow evening, Tuesday, May 26 at 7pm.

Update – May 26: The resolution about parking was in reference to the ramp itself, not the lot. It was a precaution to prevent against issues with Renaissance Festival traffic. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

2. Plaza proposal for Southfields
There is a proposed office/retail building that will be discussed at a public hearing on June 9 at 7:00pm in the Town Hall.

The proposed building is located near the Valero station in Southfields and is currently a wooded lot.

Here is the description via TPFYI:

Tuxedo Plaza – Proposed Retail/Office Space

Plans for this retail/office building to be located on Rt 17 N. in Southfields across from the Valero Station were before the Board previously and almost approved however the project was put on hold due to the downturn in the economy. The applicant has now revived the project and would like to move forward. Site plans were presented and reviewed. The applicant will have to return to the Department of Transportation as new regulations require the addition of an exit for emergency vehicles because the turn-around space that exists is not large enough. In the meantime, the TAC committee recommended that they appear before the Board so that they could familiarize themselves with the project and determine whether or not they wanted to hold a public hearing.

Board Attorney Alyse Terhune advised the Board that they should seriously consider the hearing as the project will be quite a visible one and the area of land where the building is to be constructed is currently wooded. Following some discussion with regard to timing of this in relation to when the applicant might receive their DOT approval, the Board voted unanimously in favor of scheduling a public hearing for the project on June 9 at 7:00pm.



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Monroe-Woodbury Board of Education Elections

Hi all.

I am sure you are aware that the Monroe-Woodbury Budget Vote and Board of Ed elections are coming up. Here are the details:

I also thought you would like to see this video of the BOE candidate forum. Thanks to United Monroe for posting it:

Monroe-Woodbury BOE Candidate Forum May 12, 2015

The Photo News also published a number of platforms online from the candidates. Hopefully some will make it into the printed version.

Finally, the Tuxedo Library is holding it’s annual Memorial Day Picnic next weekend and they are again selling raffle tickets. You can purchase them at the library or I can put you in touch with someone who is selling them, just contact me.