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NTRA Committee Meetings

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Hello everyone.

As you might be aware, we are having our first 2015 NTRA membership meeting tomorrow Thursday 19-March at 7:30pm.

It would be great if we could get the different committees together for a quick meeting at 7:00pm. The committees and members that signed up are listed below for your reference.

The main goal would be to establish a mutually agreeable meeting schedule and location, and of course very selfishly getting some extra hands for set up of the meeting.

Communication Committee: Ginny Apostolides; Claudia Bakhtiary (Acting Chair Person); Patricia Barone; Paul Bumbar; Mark Furmanek; Joann Tuttle

Social Committee: Claudia Bakhtiary (Acting Chair Person); Jenny Hughes; Ruth Turner

Town (Liaison) Committee: Kristy Apostolides; Claudia Bakhtiary; Donna Clark (Weinand); Ken English; Mary Hanson; Challace Pahlevan-Ibrekic (Acting Chair Person)

Community Education Committee: Kristy Apostolides (Acting Chair Person); Joanne Birnberg; Greg Duffy; Joel Solon; Mary Yrizarry

Kind regards,

Claudia Bakhtiary

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