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Tuxedo High School


In case you have not heard, the Tuxedo High School’s application to the Board of Regents to create a charter school has been postponed indefinitely, meaning that they will not be able to operate as a charter school this September. Additionally, the Greenwood Lake School District – whose students make up about 75% of the population for Tuxedo – decided not to negotiate a contract with Tuxedo for this coming school year. This means that the Tuxedo High School could cease operations in September.

There have been impassioned responses from the students currently attending the school to keep it open and let them finish their schooling at Tuxedo. The school board is currently reviewing it’s options and wants to hear what the community wants to do.

I will be speaking more about this issue at the meeting tonight, but if anyone from the northern end wants to attend the Board of Education meeting at Tuxedo High School at 7:00pm tonight, I would encourage it. The agenda doesn’t mention the budgeting issue, but I am sure they will be hearing comments from community members. They will need to decide soon on the future of the High School.

I received a request from some individuals in the Tuxedo School District to encourage community members to write to the Board of Education with your thoughts on the matter, particularly stating support for the continued operation of the High School. I can provide a form letter if you are interested.

The email should be directed to President Joann Vernon ( and the members of the Board of Education (

Thank you and I look forward to seeing many of you tonight!


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NTRA Committee Meetings

Hello everyone.

As you might be aware, we are having our first 2015 NTRA membership meeting tomorrow Thursday 19-March at 7:30pm.

It would be great if we could get the different committees together for a quick meeting at 7:00pm. The committees and members that signed up are listed below for your reference.

The main goal would be to establish a mutually agreeable meeting schedule and location, and of course very selfishly getting some extra hands for set up of the meeting.

Communication Committee: Ginny Apostolides; Claudia Bakhtiary (Acting Chair Person); Patricia Barone; Paul Bumbar; Mark Furmanek; Joann Tuttle

Social Committee: Claudia Bakhtiary (Acting Chair Person); Jenny Hughes; Ruth Turner

Town (Liaison) Committee: Kristy Apostolides; Claudia Bakhtiary; Donna Clark (Weinand); Ken English; Mary Hanson; Challace Pahlevan-Ibrekic (Acting Chair Person)

Community Education Committee: Kristy Apostolides (Acting Chair Person); Joanne Birnberg; Greg Duffy; Joel Solon; Mary Yrizarry

Kind regards,

Claudia Bakhtiary

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Northern Tuxedo Residents’ Association Meeting and Announcements

Here are some Announcements for the Northern Tuxedo Resident’s Association.

Northern Tuxedo Residents’ Association Meeting

There will be a meeting of the Northern Tuxedo Residents’ Association on Thursday, March 19, beginning at 7:30pm at the American Legion Building, 16 Orange Turnpike, Southfields, NY, 10975 (find it on the map). Light refreshments have been provided.

We have put together a survey to get an idea of what is important to our membership. Please complete the online survey at:

We encourage your attendance at this meeting to express your thoughts about what is important to you and what you want us to focus on! There are issues coming about that might be of interest/concern including representation on the Town Board, the Pilgrim Pipeline, Kiryas Joel Annexation in Monroe, the start of construction of Tuxedo Farms, a burgeoning effort to create a gateway/trail town of Tuxedo and the planning of future social, fun neighborhood events. We want your ideas to help up determine what issues are of greatest interest in the neighborhood!

Tuxedo Park Library Survey

Tuxedo Park Library is also doing a survey! The bottom floor is in need or repairs and renovations and they are interested in hearing from library users. Please complete the short survey here:

Laurel Ridge

For those of you in Laurel Ridge, I believe you have received an updated contact list for the neighborhood. This a volunteer effort put together by some of our members so thank you Caroline Lavanar, Theodora Darling, Joann Tuttle, and Ginny Apostolides. Great work and thanks!

Tuxedo Park FYI

Just a reminder that Tuxedo Park FYI (TPFYI) is a great resource for keeping updated about town meetings. They cover planning and town board meetings and the most recent meetings cover issues related to Tuxedo Farms and the reorganization meeting, which details all the town employees and their roles as well as committee members. If you have a few minutes to review their notes, it’s a great way to keep up on the town business. Visit the site at:

Tuxedo Farms Development

The big news these days is the Tuxedo Farms development. They want to break ground soon and have requested a few changes to the Special Permit. The comment period on the Special Permit is open until March 23. The requested changes are summarized here: The Northern Tract is located in our area. More information can be found here: and here: (scroll to the “Special Joint Workshop Meeting March 5, 2015”.)

Tuxedo High School – Charter School Information

As you may have heard, the Tuxedo High School (George F. Baker) is applying to be a charter school. This means anyone can choose to attend this high school instead of their district school without paying tuition (the money paid by our school taxes follows the student to the charter). Without the conversion charter application, the future of the school is uncertain. I am a big proponents of community-run charter schools in general and think that parents should have a choice in education. I encourage everyone to write an email in support of the charter school to (A form letter is available here: Also, if you want to send your child to the charter school, please fill out an application by Sunday, March 15: I have worked with charter schools in their development stage and am pretty sure that if the Board of Regents sees that Tuxedo as a charter would be able to meet or surpass their enrollment needs, they will approve the school.

Thanks and see you Thursday!

Kristy, on behalf of the Northern Tuxedo Residents’ Association Executive Committee.
Northern Tuxedo Residents Association
PO BOX 484
Tuxedo, NY 10987